Monday, November 10, 2008

Podcast Interview: Developer of Galaxy Scraper, IGF Student Finalist...

Carlos, developer from Galaxy Scraper, talks about developing the game...

You can download the podcast here...

or listen to it here...

Game Video:

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Monday, November 03, 2008

Podcast Interview: Arist for Snapshot Adventures: Secret of Bird Island...

Diane, from Large Animal Games, talks about developing Snapshot Adventures: Secret of Bird Island

You can download the podcast here...

or listen to it here...

Game Video:

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Friday, October 24, 2008

Podcast Interview: Developer of Cinnamon Beats, IGF Finalist...

Jani, from Secret Exit, talks about developing the innovative audio/physics game...Cinnamon Beats

You can download the podcast here...

or listen to it here...

Check out a video of the game here...

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Podcast Interview: Developer of OokiBloks, IGF Finalist 2008

Brian and Matt talk about making OokiBloks.

You can download the podcast here...

Show Notes:
Description of the game

First came up with the core-mechanic...after finding the basic mechanic of moving blocks...and then had to find a theme around it...knew people liked monkeys so themed it with monkeys.

Developed the game for 2 years and it wasn't working out. Showed the game in a forum and Matt found it...and started helping...they scrapped the old game and focused on making a solid game.

It was coincidence that Matt found the Brian rarely shows off artwork of a game before release.

Did remote development.

Once met together, took about 1 year to develop. Most play-testing done in the IGF...really useful feedback.

Will release a PC version done...and may do a console version of self-publish online.

It is challenging to find someone to help you is challenging to find someone that knows what they are doing and can help.

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Friday, August 22, 2008

Podcast Interview: Designer of Synaesthete, IGF Student Game Winner

Joseph, designer of Synaesthete, talks about developing the innovative game for IGF.

You can download the podcast here...

or listen to it here...

Show Notes:
Designer of Synaesthete

Psychedelic Rhythm Shooter

A while back, inspired to make a game that plays like Windows Media Player visualization. Then saw Geometry Wars...

Developed the game while at Digipen

Built the engine and then the game.

Did massive testing to make sure the game was fun.

Twice a week...

At Digipen, high schoolers and middle schoolers came in ... so would use them to see how the game was playing, etc.

Based on the feedback...
One of the advisors suggested that the game needs to aim for the person...
That put the game in a whole new direction

Since became GDC nominee, been getting 2-3 e-mails a day about it.

Focus test is important...must constantly do that

Take care,

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Saturday, May 24, 2008

IGF Finalist Interview: Iron Dukes

Another quick interview from GDC of the developers of Iron Dukes

or listen to it here...

Show Notes:
Simple Flash RPG...won
Best Browser Game award
Star Control 2
Paper Prototyping
First tested out paper prototypes on self
Casual RPG
Try to be able to level up in 10-15 minutes
Idea is to have players have quick success and quick action
If you die, that's is still persistent

Did some rough prototypes in Flash
Worked on converting in-browser game...into .exe version

Current goal is to finish up Iron Dukes and get out to market...

Looking to do online and multiplayer capabilities of flash

Advice for other indies...
Start small
Smaller design is much more effective
Start small and continually expand from there
Can give players something loose and allow folks to create their own story :)

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IGF Finalist Interview: Fez

Another quick interview from GDC interview with Some of Fez's Developers

You can download the podcast here...

or listen to it here...

Show Notes:
Fez is a multi-dimensional platformer...
IGF Finalist

Won award for "Excellence in Visual Art"

Visual Arts inspired by Spirited Away

The top challenges while developing the game...
a) Optimization issues...ways to optimization of pixel rendering
b) Getting it done even while doing the project on the side

Expect to release the final version within a year.

Suggestions for indie game developers out there...
a) Make it...find the right people and get it done
b) Show it to as many people as you can, listen to them and act accordingly :)

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Podcast Interview: Aquaria Developer and 2007 IGF Grand Prize Winner

Alec, from Bit Blot games and TIGSource Forums, talks about the journey from starting out as an eight-year old kid indie...all the way up to developing the 2007 IGF Seumas McNally Grand Prize Winner game...Aquaria

You can download the podcast here...

or listen to it here...

Here is a short video of Aquaria...

Show notes:
Introduction, from Bit Blot Games
Talks about playing games as a kid
Got a programming book and worked on small games
Biggest game worked on was an RPG that would get restarted every few years
Got into indie scene as a kid. Then did some work for small indie studios
Not-so-great feeling when certain games got cancelled
Worked on a casual game with someone else
Worked on a game with underwater adventure and eventually would be a precursor to Aquaria

5:00 - 10:00
Finished the game and wanted to see how to sell the game. But was not too interested in the marketing aspect.
Was on Big Fish Games.
Feels that marketing flows from a quality game
Started a freeware team in high school
Team management experience in high school.
Vision to start own company and do games
Didn't feel inspired by the quick 2-month game finished
Sat down and came up with changes in development/quality process for future games
Came out with a prototype that was the seed for Aquaria

10:00 - 15:00
Continued working on it after meeting up with a new partner, Derek
Met partner after doing music for a parody game that Derek was working on...
Worked on Aquaria
Had to revise game 3-4 times ... and iterated to get it done
Game was inspired by Action RPG genre
The story was boring when replayed had to redo story
The importance of story to gameplay
The value of story in games...being able to enhance the experience
Graphics changed through the iterations

15:00 - 20:00
Music changed during iterations; had a composer. Then wrote some music by himself...then changed that to be more unique.

Sent to other game developers to get feedback during play-testing phase

Food system added in a later iteration.

The IGF Submission was the one with pure gameplay.

20:00 - 25:00
After played it, felt a little empty.
So added more characters and items.
Cooking system towards the end
Support/side system that gives you power-ups
Pressure of being told to release early
Knew that if released game early, it would be terrible
Last 10% takes longer than 90% of the game
Pressure to get stuff ready was challenging, had to submit to IGF in December 2006...and had to debug some major issues
Had a lot of interest, so making a great was enough marketing to make a game a success

25:00 - 30:00
May do advertising in the future for the game, not sure
Wants to make a special boxed version of the a collector's item
Wants to make a soundtrack CD later on
Have a mac version that is going to come out soon
Subtle hints about the next game
Talks about doing a game that can hit a broader audience
Not necessarily a casual game, but something that is accessible to most folks

30:00 - 35:00
Top 3 lessons from Aquaria
Feels more confident now
Feels more relaxed
Feels better with well with Derek
Thinking about sending prototypes to testers and other game designers more early in the game design process

35:00 - 40:00
How definition has changed from an 8 year old to IGF Grand Prize winner
Since won IGF Grand Prize, more confident about abilities and as references for indies ... enjoys the feedback section there

40:00 - 45:00
Community Projects at
Game competitions at the site too
Talking Online vs. going to GDC
GDC was cool because met folks doing games as a living
Skype every few weeks with various game developers
Favorite Indie Games...
Mr. Robot
Chocolate Castle

Some freeware stuff is nice

45:00 - 50:00
Where he sees the future of Indie game development going
Top 3 lessons learned so far being an indie...
1) Don't give up
2) Work Hard
3) Have fun

Take care,

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Podcast Interview: Mobile Game Developer of Anna's Secret...

Jan, Developer of the IGF Mobile Finalist Anna's Secret talks about developing the game.

You can download the podcast here...

or listen to it here...

Show Notes:
0:00 - 5:00
Description of Anna's Secret and some of the mobile design features including geocaching

5:00 - 10:00
Educational goals of the game
Interesting features and unique design properties in the mobile design space

10:00 - 15:00
More ways and ideas to leverage the "mobility" aspect in the mobile game design space
User testing for Anna's Secret and surprises encountered
Location Detection

15:00 - 20:00
Future mobile games that he would like to develop...mainly games that leverage location much better
Multi-player games in the mobile space
Developing a multi-player version of Anna's Secret
Some of the features of a multi-player Anna's Secret

20:00 - 24:00
Ubiquitous Gaming
Ideas for future mobile games
Educational Mobile Games
Suggestions for making games for the Mobile leveraging climate changes in mobile game design

Take care,

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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Podcast Interview: IGF Finalist and Toribash Developer...

Hampa, developer of the IGF Finalist Game -- Toribash (check out trailer of the next version of Toribash here) ... talks about developing an innovative game, managing a game development team, and growing a game community.

You can download the podcast here...

or listen to it here...

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You can grab it here...

Thanks again for listening to the show and feel free to send over comments and suggestions on ways to improve the show.

We're also looking for more interviewees...if you've developed a game and want to contribute back to the indie game dev community....send us an e-mail ( support at indiegamepod dot com) and we'll go from there.

Show Notes:
0:00 - 5:00

Talks about developing Toribash, his first game

Now there are 8 developers working on the game

Signed up for a game competition and developed Toribash for it

Toribash's Viral Growth

5:00 - 10:00
Developing tools/ideas to help empower the community

YouTube of Fight Scenes/Gameplay and its importance

Other ways to help create the game community...
* The creation of clans
* Fighting Leages, etc.
* Competing with Clans, etc.

10:00 - 15:00
Using Forum Signatures to help promote the game

Using dynamic signatures

Physics Engine used for the Game, Open Dynamics Engine (ODE)

Benefits of using Physics to make a game

Develop on OS X, but release first on Windows

Developing a virtual world around the game

The game interface is extremely difficult, but it still gained popularity...
the reasons why that happened

Now they are doing usability tests to find ways to make the game more accessible

15:00 - 20:00
If change physics of the game, it would change the player's fighting styles developed over the year. So the team can change everything BUT physics.

Changing the game mechanics would be really hard

Next Release will have some new game modes that the hard core gamers will enjoy

List of viral concepts used to promote the game including signatures, contests, and sharing content

20:00 - 25:00
Game Development Process...come up with an idea, and develop it as quick as possible
A lot of iteration, a lot of prototyping, and trying it on real players

Usually do most of the prototyping alone...but once it's done, sends it out right away

Usually 10 iterations to find a solid prototype

Recommends playing lots of games, read up on books, and do experimentations to
help improve game design/development skills

Favorite Indie Games

Prefers gameplay over usability

Goals for his game studio, the goal of being a major studio in Singapore

Talks about the Singapore Game Scene including many American companies there like
EA, Linden Labs, etc.

25:00 - 30:00
Other indie game dev studios as role-models...such as

Also respects ID Software

Spends about 50% of time on technical and 50% of the time on promotion

Noticed that someone developed Toribash fight scenes in Second Life

Since 50% of time is business, most of the time spent on managing developers, paying
the bills, etc.

Benefits of going through a getting on a console

30:00 - 35:00
Developing on a console would take away focus from the PC if did a console
app, it would be after releasing version 3.0 in October 2007. That version will be
feature complete.

Does not reveal features until release a that folks do not complain if a feature gets cut.

Issues with working in an 8-person team...
It takes time to make sure that everyone is happy
Must make sure that folks have something to do at all times
Having a good CVS system is important
Having an update of what folks are working on...via e-mail
Finds that working in a team is more fun than expected to be

The top 3 lessons learned...
Trusting people has been very helpful to success

35:00 - 36:00
Advice for indies out there...
Make a game that you think would be fun to work on 3 years later

Should create a game that would like to play yourself and be really fun to do

Take care,

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Monday, June 11, 2007

Experimental Gameplay Workshop Founder and Braid Developer Interview...

Jonathan, founder of the Experimental Gameplay Workshop at GDC and developer of the game Braid talks about game design...

You can download the podcast here...

or listen to it here...

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Show Notes:
0:00 - 5:00 Minutes...
Introduction, Experimental Game Design Workshop Founder

Started out with simple games and was a hobbyist initially.

Started out as an indie in 6th grade

Started own company in 1996

5:00 - 10:00
Challenges of starting a company
Signed with TEN
Created a mult-player sci-fi game
Took an extra 1.5 years to finish the game
Did a sequel for the game

10:00 - 15:00
Suggestions for indie game developers...
take an incremental approach to development. Now you can make a simple game on the web
and put Google Ads next to it.

Or can make a simple game and sell it for 5 dollars.

Had a complex interface for first game, now realize that interface simplicity is important.

Noticed that another game called Arc that was very simple...was having a lot more success...even though
our company's games had better production values.

15:00 - 20:00
Mentions how Snood felt like an anamoly.
Same with Runescape. Does not have high production values, but still very popular

Started the Experimental Gameplay Workshop at GDC because noticed that there were these
folks doing interesting experiments with games

20:00 - 25:00
Big waves at GDC...
Mid 90s: Online gaming

Late 90s: Hollywood in Games

2004-2006: Mobile Games and MMOs

Current Wave: MMOs

Talks about having a "prototype mindset"...a mentality where trying to explore
and learn things

Will work on a prototype for 1-2 weeks and then put them away for a while

25:00 - 30:00
After puts the prototype away, will come up with more ideas during the away time

When you prototype, don't do it when you need to have a successful idea. Prototype when
you are on another project and doesn't matter how it comes out. Maybe it will come out
good or not.

While doing main development, will take 1-2 weeks off to prototype and come up with ideas

30:00 - 35:00
Details about Braid Design and the development/exploration process

Talks about working on Braid in Thailand

35:00 - 40:00
Experimental Gameplay Workshop Discussion

40:00 - 45:00

Talks about some interesting games found at Experimental Gameplay Workshop...
Rod Humble's "The Marriage"

Future of gaming

45:00 - 50:00
Production values vs. Gameplay

Games as Expression

50:00 - 55:00
Social Gaming vs. Single-player gaming
Opinions on Alternate Reality Gaming

Talk about favorite games
Everyday Shooter

55:00 - 60:00
Favorite games like...
Gammas Bros

Talks about the future of his game design...
and some of the concepts behind his upcoming game

60:00 - 65:00
Talks about initial design process
current design process

Last words for indie game developers out there...
keep doing what you're doing
It would be nice to see indies that are doing it because they want to be independent

Take care,

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