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  • Podcast Interview: IGF Finalist and Toribash Developer…

    Posted on July 21st, 2007 IndieGamePod 1 comment

    Hampa, developer of the IGF Finalist Game — Toribash (check out trailer of the next version of Toribash here) … talks about developing an innovative game, managing a game development team, and growing a game community.

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    Show Notes:
    0:00 – 5:00

    Talks about developing Toribash, his first game

    Now there are 8 developers working on the game

    Signed up for a game competition and developed Toribash for it

    Toribash’s Viral Growth

    5:00 – 10:00
    Developing tools/ideas to help empower the community

    YouTube of Fight Scenes/Gameplay and its importance

    Other ways to help create the game community…
    * The creation of clans
    * Fighting Leages, etc.
    * Competing with Clans, etc.

    10:00 – 15:00
    Using Forum Signatures to help promote the game

    Using dynamic signatures

    Physics Engine used for the Game, Open Dynamics Engine (ODE)

    Benefits of using Physics to make a game

    Develop on OS X, but release first on Windows

    Developing a virtual world around the game

    The game interface is extremely difficult, but it still gained popularity…
    the reasons why that happened

    Now they are doing usability tests to find ways to make the game more accessible

    15:00 – 20:00
    If change physics of the game, it would change the player’s fighting styles developed over the year. So the team can change everything BUT physics.

    Changing the game mechanics would be really hard

    Next Release will have some new game modes that the hard core gamers will enjoy

    List of viral concepts used to promote the game including signatures, contests, and sharing content

    20:00 – 25:00
    Game Development Process…come up with an idea, and develop it as quick as possible
    A lot of iteration, a lot of prototyping, and trying it on real players

    Usually do most of the prototyping alone…but once it’s done, sends it out right away

    Usually 10 iterations to find a solid prototype

    Recommends playing lots of games, read up on books, and do experimentations to
    help improve game design/development skills

    Favorite Indie Games

    Prefers gameplay over usability

    Goals for his game studio, the goal of being a major studio in Singapore

    Talks about the Singapore Game Scene including many American companies there like
    EA, Linden Labs, etc.

    25:00 – 30:00
    Other indie game dev studios as role-models…such as

    Also respects ID Software

    Spends about 50% of time on technical and 50% of the time on promotion

    Noticed that someone developed Toribash fight scenes in Second Life

    Since 50% of time is business, most of the time spent on managing developers, paying
    the bills, etc.

    Benefits of going through a publisher…to getting on a console

    30:00 – 35:00
    Developing on a console would take away focus from the PC app…so if did a console
    app, it would be after releasing version 3.0 in October 2007. That version will be
    feature complete.

    Does not reveal features until release a game…so that folks do not complain if a feature gets cut.

    Issues with working in an 8-person team…
    It takes time to make sure that everyone is happy
    Must make sure that folks have something to do at all times
    Having a good CVS system is important
    Having an update of what folks are working on…via e-mail
    Finds that working in a team is more fun than expected to be

    The top 3 lessons learned…
    Trusting people has been very helpful to success

    35:00 – 36:00
    Advice for indies out there…
    Make a game that you think would be fun to work on 3 years later

    Should create a game that would like to play yourself and be really fun to do

    Take care,

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