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  • Podcast Interview: Producer of Critter Crunch, IGF 2008 Best Mobile Game Winner

    Posted on August 29th, 2008 IndieGamePod No comments

    Sean, from Capybaragames, talks about developing Critter Crunch for the mobile phone…

    You can download the podcast here…

    or listen to it here…

    Show Notes:
    Set it up and iterated until found the game that worked. Good art helped to make the game feel better to players.

    Tested the game with people. Was too complicated, so had to make it simpler.

    Also do some playtesting…and publishers help with testing.

    Mobile Development Cycle means time is very limited.

    Biggest Challenges to Mobile Game Development:
    1) Being focused on original IP makes it difficult for publishers and carriers to pick up
    2) Handling all the different mobile handsets…making sure the game works on them, etc.

    The Future of Mobile Gaming…
    3D was hyped, but not seeing it much.

    Location based games talked about, but it hasn’t happened yet.

    Can be successful with 2D games that aren’t connected.