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  • The Passion Behind the Hit iPhone Game, One Single Life

    Posted on April 28th, 2011 IndieGamePod 1 comment

    Hey folks,

    I got some pretty interesting interviews at the Game Developers Conference this year…one interview that stood out was by a guy that discussed an interesting game…

    The game was not released when we did the interview. But I did get a chance to play a private release. It was interesting…it was a game where a player had only one life in the game. Once they lost, the game would be over and they would have no more of a chance to play.

    I thought it was a bit out there. It was interesting, but I was wondering if people would actually want to play the game. Plus, this seemed “un-casual”…very hard core…you play and if you lose…the game is over. You cannot play again!

    The one thing I picked up on in my interview with the guy..was that he was passionate about the idea…and I could sense it. His interview definitely stood out in my mind.

    His goal was to communicate a certain type of feeling/emotion…I think this is definitely a successful use of “Narrative Mechanics”

    Fast forward almost 8 weeks…and now his game is out…and it’s called “One Single Life“…and is now one of the top 10 free apps on iPhone…

    Check out the interview below…

    Or listen to it here…


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