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  • Importance of Marketing Your Game…

    Posted on August 12th, 2013 IndieGamePod 1 comment

    Hey folks,

    I’ve been listening to the radio recently…and the song “Safe and Sound” keeps on playing a lot. It’s popular. I went to YouTube to check out the video…and it blew my mind…the song was made in 2011…and now it’s only getting popular.

    The song is about 2 years old. A great song. I like listening to it. But the initial version, that sounds the same — as far as I can tell — to the current version, did not work.

    They obviously made some changes to the song, but probably did different promotion?

    I hear people say that people will find your game if it’s good…but….I think that’s wrong. There has to be a way that people “connect” to the game. Maybe it’s more than just fun. Maybe it’s entertainment on another level.

    I look at Minecraft — yes, it may be a fun game. But without the constant updates and blogging, would it have met critical mass?

    Maybe it is the little polish that makes the game or song take off?

    I’ve embedded the 2 videos below…the first one is from 2011…and also a little more scary…

    The second one is from 2013…


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    • Both videos have the old timie dancing theme, but the first video suffers from the injection of ironic imagery. Nobody feels safe and sound with the Hindenberg explosion, Vietnam bombing, and cruise missles in Iraq going off. It creates dissonance. No wonder it didn’t take off.

      That’s too bad too, because I’d love to see the rest of the high energy dancing performances that are spliced in there.

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