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  • GDC 2017 Coming Soon…

    Posted on January 4th, 2017 admin 1 comment

    Hey folks,

    A reminder that GDC 2017 is around the corner…it’ll be from February 27th to March 3rd…

    For indies looking to meet other fellow indies…it can be a good place…I’ve met some interesting indies myself at some of the parties at night.

    What do you think…should this podcast cover the conference? Do you prefer the long-form interviews…or the conference interviews we’ve done on the show…


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    • I found your podcast recently and have been listening to it and I like it. I have comment on the general content of the podcast which is I wish the discussion was more on the process/workflow your guests took to develop their game, kind of “the making of” and what their business model is. which is invaluable since most of us are not exposed to that kind of environment and getting that insider look at what it take to make a game from the people who made it or failed at some point would be very helpful for anyone who is a new developer or someone with experience.

      About the GDC that would be interesting. Specially the Monetization Track. Will be waiting!!

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