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  • What freebie do you want next…

    Posted on June 21st, 2017 admin 1 comment

    Hi folks,

    I am thinking of new and interesting ways to contribute to the game dev community…I want to try some new stuff…and so I wanted to know what freebie you would like next…here are some ideas I have…

    1) A book on User-generated/Data-generated Games

    2) An open source project…to release code or some assets to benefit game developers…I’m open to suggestions here

    3) Another free mentorship

    4) Articles and tutorials on math in games

    5) Some other idea or suggestion you have

    Let me know…I was thinking about experimenting with an open source project related to games…or maybe even an open source game to share with players.

    Anyways…place your vote or suggestion below 🙂


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    • Logan Cavaliere

      I’m only just finding this resource, so I’ll definitely be looking through the archives of your posts and podcast episodes!

      If I may vote though as a game developer, I’d really appreciate either a book about some user-generated projects or an open source project with assets available to the public for use!!

      Thank you very much for this freebie post, and thank you very much for your contributions to the game development community!

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