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  • Rookie Series: Podcast Interview: Bouncy Qubes Developer

    Posted on February 10th, 2008 IndieGamePod No comments


    We’re going to experiment with a few new types of podcasts to see how best to help indie developers. One series will be interviews related to new and interesting game development mediums.

    Another series revolves around “Rookie Indie Game Developers”….Indie developers that have released their first game.

    Oscar, from iikgames.com, is the first interviewee in this series 🙂

    You can download the podcast here…

    or listen to it here…

    Show Notes:
    0:00 – 5:00
    Introduces self
    Oscar from http://www.iikgames.com/
    Talks about getting into games (by first playing them)
    Decided to go Online indie game developer so could reach folks directly
    Not many publishers in Mexico so it’s easier to go Indie
    First game is Bouncy Qubes
    Did several games before, but did not have any intention of selling them
    Took 1.5 years to finish the game
    Developers on the team are all in Mexico too
    Work with family on the games
    Most difficult part of designing the game was dealing with the game mechanics related to changing the color

    5:00 – 10:00
    Art style was inspired by Nintendo games
    Issues with Game Mechanics while designing first game…
    Initially had a keyboard and that was very hard for users
    Switched to mouse
    Issues with developing a game for Vista
    Integrated it with the “Game Explorer” in Vista
    Security issues with Vista…
    Was saving all game data in program files directory, but Vista does not allow that,
    So had to save elsewhere on the user’s hard drive…saved into the Application Data directory

    10:00 – 15:00
    Tested game as much as possible so that can have responsive and usable game
    Tested on very low end machines
    When released game, focused on Marketing
    Likes the book “Indie Developer’s Guide to Selling Games” by Joseph Lieberman
    Sends to several shareware sites to promote games
    Right now, focused on porting game system to Mac OS

    15:00 – 20:00
    Goal is to make innovative, fun, and original games to the casual market
    Favorite Games:
    Chronic Logic Games
    Professor Fizzwizzle Games
    Last words for Indie Game Developers
    Try out indie game development, it’s worth it
    Constantly Improve Skills and Do your Best

    Take care,